National Team, POST-GRAD/Pro Groups:  Max. Capacity 12 athletes

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Swimming program in south Florida

  • Swimmers will achieve competitive success at their highest potential
  • Strong team dynamic will be cultivated to prepare for future swimming careers
  • Swimmers will target Olympic Qualifier, National, U.S.Open, World Championships, and other international qualifications

Basic Requirements:

  • Athlete must have Sectional qualifications in multiple events (minimum standard)
  • Athlete must be single-sport (swimming only)
  • Athlete must be committed to 18+ hours of water training/5+ dryland training/week
  • Athlete must have self-transportation available
  • Athlete must be willing to travel
  • PAQ can assist with Athlete housing needs (host family, apartments, etc.)

General Training Schedule:

  • 10-12 practices per week addition to clinics/workshops
  • Afternoon Sessions: M-F 4-7 pm (includes dryland) Sat: 9-12 pm
  • Morning Sessions: 6-8 or 8-10 am (Pros only)
  • Workshops/ Altitude training / Training trips as needed

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