PAQ trains 2 of the top 3 IM'ers in Florida's Palm Beach County!

                     PAQ Aquathlon, Deerfield Beach, July 2013                        


                                                        Beach Practice, Deerfield Beach, June 2013                                                      swim yeam beach practice    swim beach practice

          2013 Altitude Training Camp, US Olympic Training Center - Colorado Springs, ColoradoUS Olympic Training Center     swimming training camp

PAQ hosting Swedish National Youth teamer Adam Paulsson - January 2013swimming in the USA




PAQ at US Olympic Trials, 2012


Olympic Trials 2012 swimming  Julie Stupp Julie Stupp  Olympic trial 2012 swimming

2012 Snapshots!  A Year in the Life of a Club Swimmer...

USA swim team in south FL Swimming in south FL swim teams in FL

Summer swimming training  Sprint swimming program   Summer swim training

Florida swim team    Julie Stupp

swim training in FL  Performance Aquatics   


  Kathleen Prindle


2011 - Inaugural Year



US Senior Nationals  OTC  Aquanex

Hallie Stupp   


Coach Kathleen and her mentor Michael, on his last day of coaching (Dec. 31, 2010)